Classically Elegant Wedding at Springfield Manor Winery Brewery and Distillery in Frederick, MD

August 13, 2019

I will admit when Dominique came to me with her color palette, I was nervous. She wanted to showcase her pride for the West Virginia Mountaineers’, whose colors, for those of you who don’t know, are blue and gold. I was nervous about using such contrasting colors. I wanted to make sure that her wedding looked elegant and beautiful, and not like a college football party. Dominique and I talked a lot about this and in the end, we decided to use a range of yellow tones, to soften the contrast, and we added some neutral tones to make the colors work together. Add to that some gorgeous bright greenery, and this wedding was an elegant, garden-y affair that still gave a nod to the college that Dominique knows and loves!

In Dominique’s bouquet, I used delphinium, thistle, hydrangea, roses, freesia, tulips, iris’, daffodils, brunia berries, stock, and several kinds of greenery including holly fern.  The bridesmaid’s bouquets were smaller versions of the bridal bouquet.

Blue and Yellow Garden style bridal bouquet at Springfield Manor in Frederick, MD

For the ceremony, we originally planned to have a table decorated with 2 large urns of flowers, and some smaller bud vases and candles.  However, the winds on this day were INCREDIBLE, and ultimately, we had to remove the table and smaller designs, and we opted to have the urns on the ground in order to bring color to the ceremony, while remaining safe!  We also had some sweet little pops of color on the chairs with long ribbon tails.  For the ceremony, I used hydrangea, roses, snapdragons, delphinium, iris’, stock, and mixed greenery.

For Dominique’s head table, I reused all of the bouquets in an elegant gold vase to hide the ribbon handles.  To complete the look, I added gold votive candles, some sweet bud vases and pillar candles to add a different height for the flowers on the table.  I was even able to add a few extra sprigs of freesia to decorate the napkins!

Probably one of my favorite centerpieces of this spring was Dominique’s compote arrangement.  I used flowers that complimented the bridal bouquet and I placed the greenery so that it “dripped” closer to the table.  To compliment this design, I created a second centerpiece using assorted candles and a trio of budvases similar to those on the head table.  In this centerpiece, I love the way the candles create different heights, while adding romance to the table.  The budvases added that pop of color, which coordinated with the rest of the decor.

Dominique had a gorgeous multi-layered square cake that I got to decorate with yellow blooms.  Cake decorating is something that both terrifies and thrills me!  The first flower insertion is nerve-wracking because you have to be sure of your movements.  You can’t take it back out and put it back in again if you don’t like the placement, because you’ll risk ruining all the had work of the baker.  Good news…. each flower insertion gets easier and I end up loving it every time!  For this cake, I loved getting to use the ruffly irises (2nd tier) along with the “drippy” freesia tails.

These images wouldn’t be possible without the talented Turner Photography.  The venue is Springfield Manor, which is now a winery, distillery AND a brewery!  Their ceremony site is one of my favorites in Frederick!

Here are a few more of my favorite images from Dominique’s wedding this spring.

I mean…..isn’t she so beautiful??  These last two are so timeless and stunning!! That veil….that crown?? The beading on the dress??  Which goes perfectly with the pearls?? Ah!  Gorgeous!